SAND Design


Joshua Trathen 

A recent graduate from BA (Hons) Sustainable Product Design at Falmouth University in Cornwall.  The course has fed my drive towards sustainablity and has helped me develop into the designer I am today.

SAND design was born out of the ambition to be professional and add a brand to my portfolio. The name derives from the Cornish meaning of my Surname 'Trathen' which is; 'A Place by the Sand'. I belive sustainability is emulated through heritage and timeless design, as great design is the forever developing furture.

I am a Grounded product designer, I completed freelance work alongside my studies. My interests in design currently have been in UI/UX design, particularly app deisgn, as it is something I've grown more fond of when working. Sketching, Concept development, Rapid prototyping, Solidworks & Fusion 360 are just some of the skills that I have and software I use to convey my designs effectively. 

I'm always looking for creative ideas and new techniques to develop my knowledge. 

If you are interested in my work or have any enquires please contact me

Photography by Daniel Adams

Photography by Daniel Adams

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