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Internship at JKR - [Jones Knowles Richie]

Day 1:

Slow starting, but I was introduced to my department which was the Workshop area, made up of 2 people; Chris & Layla. This day was used to get me used to the office & the people and to see what I could do.

Day 2:

A very strong morning, I was asked by the artwork team, who were based upstairs, to help with a brief for ’SUNSILK’ which was essentially building a shelf with their newly designed bottles and a selection of competitor brands, which their project could be situated against on supermarket display shelves. This design being for a Brazil based brand, I had to look into not only UK brands that could be sold there, but also popular Brazilian brands.

The afternoon was spent making/designing some supporters signs for the JKR softball team ‘Red Socks’, this was done during some layover time we had between some artwork that was due to come through.

Day 3:

The morning was made up of us Archiving a load of designs which were for a wide range of confectionary brands, where they were introducing new campaigns, we also made some templates P.O.P / P.O.D mock up’s which could be repeatedly used if new artwork came through for the bars etc

Day 4:

The First part of the day I met with Bob Celiz, who is known in JKR for his graphic, Type and general teaching of others at JKR. He's now he is part time here and took time to teach me more about type and how it can be used and created in different places in design. This was great because I’ve never really thought in depth about type and being able to work with him and combine some skills in product design with drawing by hand different fonts was amazing! 

After Lunch I caught up with a member from the 3D department, which was made up of a 2 person team! She briefed me on what it is exactly they do and some of the successful stories that have come out of their department, winning the D&AD award this year was one of them! After this she went briefly through my portfolio, she seemed interested in my work and asked for the links to my portfolio etc.

Day 5:

My Final day in the office, an emotional one at that, who’d have thought that the people you work so closely with over the span of 5 days would have such an impact. My final day was made up of a lot of last minute chats with different groups of designers, visualisers and people from the productions team about the sort of work I do, showing them my portfolio.

All seemed impressed and wanting to get me closer to talking to Jay, 3D director at JKR, who was on holiday this week.  

After Lunch I got to with some mock ups that were needed for a new packaging range for the likes of Tesco, Snickers + Mars etc. Towards the end of the day I managed to talk to Diana, the Head of creative services at JKR, who I actually interviewed with around 9 months ago for this same opportunity, but I was living in Cornwall. Whilst we talked I enquired as to whether there would be a position for me here. She seemed to agree that I fitted in well here and that at the worst, I could intern with them again soon.

Diana took my portfolio to show to the director of 3D when he got back from his holiday the following week.


All comments are pointing in a positive direction this week, I only hope that I can get back into JKR as soon as possible, as I’ve got so much more to show and use more of my degree & knowledge in Sustainability.