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RattlerProRide - September 2018

From working on the Saint Piran website & social media, Rattler from Healey's Cyder farm got in contact about an event they're putting together for amateur cyclists to meet professionals and ride together, hang out and most importantly learn more about cycling!

Once again, Will Harper was helping me in fronting the project and coordinating between Healey's & myself in order to get this site ready for retailing tickets for the event.

The first day is set up to be a day where all cyclists no matter what their experience or level can cycle with a professional on 1 of 3 different routes (or all 3 if your crazy!) which have been designed by those professionals!

In the evening of the day 1 there will also be a dinner which will be a time for everyone to get together, socialise & enjoy the food & drink on offer from Healey's cyder, this will be hosted on the farm itself! 


Day 2 is a day full of activities; Time trails, Hot Laps, Winner stays on & more! These will be held on closed off routes again pre-designed & planned by the professional cyclists as well as be judged by experienced cycling marshals. 


The project for me so far has been an amazing experience! To design a brand & website that contributes to a fantastic event & opportunity for Cornish cyclists & athletes alike!

I look forward to seeing my design blossom with the site now live to the public! 

Please check it out HERE and leave a comment with your thoughts! 

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