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Student Mentor Awards 2018

I have been asked back to design & make this years Student mentor awards!

This year I have decided to assemble a team of designers & makers to deliver an amazing series of awards. The guys who I am working with; Sibyl - John - Drew are guys that, in my time at university, I used to mentor & I still continue to do so through their final year at University from time to time.

And this year we have come together to deliver something amazing before we all depart from our home next to the Cornish coast, Falmouth. 

Here are some initial concepts we came up with: 

Having given a fair amount of the creative direction in this project to the team, most of our initial concepts looked very similar, with subtle differences in the design. 

From kick starting the project the others wanted to be more involved in the manufacture of the awards, so I stepped back after confirming the design and allowed the others to get involved! 

The result:

I am Extremely happy with the results that the others managed to achieve through the making of these awards and was exactly as I'd envisioned the design, but also adding their own creative stamp on the awards! 

Thanks again to SibylJohn and Drew for your involvement in the project! Please check out their Portfolio's on Behance

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