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ESPRESSINI - A new creative direction

Soon after joining Espressini as a barista, the owner Rupert asked me to work on & bring together some idea/plans he had for ESPRESSINI for 2018. 

One of these Ideas was a short documentary/film portraying the community & ethos behind ESPRESSINI and what Rupert has achieved in the many years of owning the coffee house. After talking to a friend of mine, Alex Fleming, a film maker & photographer, we devised a plan.



Thanks Jack Matthews for the kind words. 

Myself & Alex have started by planning, in depth, the ESPRESSINI Instagram. This lead to us archiving around 3 months worth of content (Video & Photography) that could be used to promote/highlight certain aspects of both ESPRESSINI & the baby brother DULCE e.g: Retail coffee, brewing equipment, choice of beverages etc.

Check out the ESPRESSINI instagram to see what me & Alex have done so far! 

Josh Trathen