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Updates on what I'm doing and involved in.

Gylly Beach Cafe: My first production project.

Starting near enough at the same time as SAINT PIRAN project, I met with the managers of my local beach Cafe in Falmouth, Gylly Beach Cafe. 

They had heard of my work and that I had recently graduated from a friend of mine who works at WeSup [Click the link to check out their website, they are awesome!]. During our meeting it was clear that they were looking to move to a more Scandinavian style with their cafe accessories - Cutlery, Caddies, etc.

I was tasked with starting this new direction by designing, refining and producing some slick Caddies for the cafe. The brief was simple, design 2 types of caddies, 1 for the evening events and 1 for everyday use at the cafe. 

Initially I mocked up in Solidworks a rough Idea of what needed to go in the caddies - Cutlery, Napkins, Salt & Pepper, Sauce etc. From this I could work out how best to make the caddies. They were going for a very smooth & transparent design / assembly of the caddies. This lead to a panel to panel design, which were then aligned, clamped and screwed together.

The end result, a series of caddies which represented Gylly Cafe through their colour scheme & new direction to enter the Scandinavian style. See images bellow. 

I'd just like to thank everyone at Gylly cafe for giving me the opportunity to pursue this project, I have learnt a lot through this project in terms of production and I will be using these skills in my designs in the future! 

I have Vlogged the process through my Youtube channel - joshuajamesvlogs - please check it out if your interested in the projects progression!