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Work Experience with Gendall Design Ltd.

Being a local, Cornish university Graduate, I wanted to stay as close as I could to Falmouth for work and be by the beautiful coastline. 

I began my search by sending out countless copies of my CV and my portfolio via this website. 

This lead to the initial contact I had with Gendall Design Ltd. in Falmouth. Firstly they really enjoyed the work they saw through my website and had an on-going project in mind that someone with my skills could get stuck into. 

This lead to my 2nd client job of my design career; working with the National Trust. My role was to investigate how the National Trust's subcription stall could be improved and made more versatile to be used in City enviroments. This was signed off as 2 full days worth of work and resulted in me presenting a series of inital design ideas to Gendall Design of how the National Trust could improve their stall. 

I had a fantastic experience with Gendall Design on this job, they were extremely helpful in giving me feedback about the designs and giving me any material I needed to make sure the work was the best it could be over the 2 days. Through this blosoming relationship came another job a couple of weeks after. 

This job was for Pendennis Shipyard. They wanted a stand designed to show off the amazing work they have done on Yaghts this year and also as a point of sale to new clients. My role in this was to produce a 3D mock-up of the stand with a meeting room, an open entrance area for Pendennis represenatives to have initial talks with potential customers and a storage room to hold all promotion material and also to serve as an area for staff to make coffee's and tea's.

Signed off for 1 full day and helped towards the sale of the stand design to Pendennis Shipyard.

I couldn't thank Gendall Design Ltd. enough for this experience and for their friendly employee's who have made working on these jobs amazing and enjoyable! Please give their site a visit and check out their amazing work! -