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Updates on what I'm doing and involved in.


SAINT PIRAN is a pro cycling team based in Truro who started around 2 years ago as an 2nd / 1st cap cycling team racing all across the UK and Europe. 

For the past 3 months I have been working closely with the team to Launch them into 2018 as a pro cycling team! All of the cyclists are either pro riders or those who have gained their Elite cap.

I was initially employed because of my graphic/interaction design skills. My role was to produce a sponsorship pitch for potential investors & brands who are wishing to support the team. Since this I have designed a series of promotional material for the team and even re-designed their entire website to suit their direction in 2018. 

Please check out the site HERE. Also check out their Instagram HERE to keep up to date with the team and their development.

It's been an exciting project and I look forward to what SAINT PIRAN have in store next! Please Check out the film below 'Jakes Story'.