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FitSprint: Post interview Trial Brief

FitSprint are a fairly new start-up company based in London, looking to bring people together through fitness and passion for a variety of activities. 

After having an Interview with the CEO and founder of FitSprint I was given a UI/UX design brief. 

The task was simple really: Design a UI/UX solution from FitSprints website as a point of reference for the design. I was designing this mainly for a returning user group who already knew how the system worked and needed a simplified version that they could access on their mobile device. 

This is the work I produced:

FitSprint: Returning user login pages

FitSprint: Returning user login pages

FitSprint: Framework from website

FitSprint: Framework from website

This was a fantastic opportunity given to me by FitSprint and have really enjoyed doing this brief for them! This brief was due in 24 hours after it being presented to me. 

I was very close to the final stages of my application, but based on my current location in the south-west of England, it would take too long for me to move, settle and be ready to work in London.

Now the hunt for the next opportunity!