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Coffee Adventures

So I have decided over this summer to delve into the realm that is coffee brewing / Coffee Making / drinking. I must credit Tobias Taylor for this decision, you were a very good teacher and have inspired me thus so. 

I began my journey by working at a StarBucks outlet 'Koofi' in Falmouth, Cornwall around September 2015. Here I learnt the very basics of a much bigger proccess. (Steaming milk, basic expresso control etc.) 

 StarBucks Cofee @ Koofi, Penryn, Cornwall.

StarBucks Cofee @ Koofi, Penryn, Cornwall.

I then moved onto training my esspresso skills with ESPRESSINI, Falmouth, Cornwall. I worked alongside some of the most talented coffee brewers and finest latte art pourers in the South-West, even dare I say the UK.

I worked here for around 1 month and from this experience I now feel confident in to begin brewing in my home or wherever I may be and am excited to learn more about coffee !

 Testing New Rhinoware Grinder with Yallah Dimtu Coffee as a PourOver.

Testing New Rhinoware Grinder with Yallah Dimtu Coffee as a PourOver.

After finishing my degree in 2017 I went back to Espressini & applied for a part-time job there. My love for coffee grew over my final year at university and from my work experience with them in the summer prior, this was going to be the place I learnt more. 

Since then I have been completing freelance work & working at Espressini, feeding both of my passions! 



Josh Trathen