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Updates on what I'm doing and involved in.


Stocholm welcomed us with an atmosphereic night drive through the city soon after touch down to find our hostel for the week. 

The morning after we were off to Stockholm's Furniture & Design Fair where designers from around of the world came to celebrate the year's start to collections and new products.

After an exhausting day of walking, I then shot off to get ready for a lecture held by the design group 'Interface', this particular lecture was held by Michael Pawlyn. Pawlyn Focused on the topic of Biomimicary and how we should be designing from nature in order to solve our consumption issues in the world. Coming for an architectural background, the examples his own work using biomimicary was focused around buildings and their layout.

After the talk we decided to turn in for the night. 

In the morning, we then decided to go and explore stockholm. I decided to explore more of the Old Town in stockholm which is home to the Royal Palace and near to the Vasa Museum. I then found myself at the Vasa museum entrance and decided I wanted to uncover the story behind it...

After exploring the Vasa Museum's incredable building, myself and a couple of others decided to go and explore the Old town furthur and get a little lost along the way...

Then we arrived on our final day in Stockholm, which for me, consisted of going ice skating and taking in the last of the Swedish culture (A very relaxed end to the trip). We were also graced with snow to send us off on our way back to Cornwall.

To conclude, the Stockholm trip was really worth the visit and the timing couldn't have been any better with us being able to see the Furniture & Lighting Fair. I found this trip hugely benifical as it allowed us to explore and find out more about Scandinavian design.

Josh Trathen